Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"I left my heart.... in San Francisco"

We had a wonderful time with our DS/DDIL in the Bay Area. Time flew by, unfortunately, and I am ready to go back again! Hurry July!!! We tried to see and do everything we could but did not spend nearly enough time at each place. I have hundreds of photos to go through and will share them as I get to it.

I would have loved to have spent the day in Tyler Florence's store in Mill Valley. Here is a link to the website. It is as beautiful as it appears in the pics. The back room was a browsing/reading cookbook room with comfy chairs and a stove. I could have purchased one of everything! Didn't see him when we were there but he popped in when DS/DDIL were in one day.

This blogging stuff is still kinda brand new to me. And I am trying to catch up around the house as well as planning an "herbal evening" event for the ladies in my church (more about that another time). And I've already been to the ENT again... ugh! Still having problems, but it is getting better, ever so slowly. While being in CA, I could breathe! Coming home to the desert southwest, we were met with blowing dust, wind gusts over 50mph, pollen galore, 80 degree temps and 10% humidity! But it's a dry heat. Uh-huh, and they keep telling us that in the summer when it's 104 at 10 p.m. at night! I'm staying in!

Moving on...
The beaches were beautiful. One we hiked to was Tennessee Valley Beach. There were flowers and critters along the way.

This bobcat was eyeing some turkeys in the field to the right. Calla lilies were blooming everywhere; all over Mill Valley and in San Francisco, as were poppies.

The lawn in front of the Conservatory of Flowers was just beautiful! And inside, the orchids were spectacular.

More later....

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