Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day...

It's the first of May and hopefully I can get back to this blogging. My final ENT appointment was yesterday... :-) ... and I really don't want to go back. I am still not 100% but well on my way.

I am soooo far behind with blocks and stitching and sew-a-longs and samplers... oh,my! There is time to catch up.

Let me share a few pics from the herbal evening I presented to the ladies at my church. I used damask table cloths and placed various herb pots along with lavender plants down the center of the tables. I visited a friend of mine who has a Bay Laurel and clipped some branches to lay on the tables as well.

The food table was covered with a table cloth my friend Mary just received from her mother. Mary's grandmother had embroidered this many, many years ago. It was just perfect for our table.

The food offerings were wonderful. As ladies started arriving, some who had not attended any of my Tuesday events were quite surprised at the "veritable smorgasbord."

Everything was prepared by me and a couple of helpers... well, except the tabouli, it was purchased.

A tea punch was offered upon arrival, as well as coffee, tea, or iced water. Our table included:

Boursin (made with 7 herbs) and crackers
Parmesan Cheese Crisps with walnuts and herbs
herbed bread sticks
Artisan Bread with basil dipping oil
rosemary herbed walnuts
cheddar dill biscuits
lemon and herb chicken salad
kalamata olives
and a wonderful baby lettuce salad with lemon vinaigrette

I didn't get a pic of the salad but it was what I ate mostly, as I had been snacking all day. This friend grows the lettuces and even the fennel she put in. And she brought a fennel from her garden to show everyone.

This really wasn't a dinner per se, but a tasting party. Many were surprised at the flavors and the blends that were used in many of the dishes.

As dessert was being passed... Oh, I forgot dessert. It wasn't really "herbie," but delicious just the same. An Italian cream coconut cake topped with pecans. We have a birthday board with baby pictures and try to guess "who's who." It is always a lot of fun.

After finishing our tasting, I gave a short program about the herbs that were used in our dishes and had the ladies pass the potted herbs around the table. They thoroughly enjoyed brushing the leaves to release the fragrance... especially the lemon balm, lemon thyme and the varieties of basil.

Each lady went home with a goodie bag which included a file folder with recipes and some herb information (history, uses, cultivating) and those that are mentioned in the Bible. There was a little purse size note pad and, of course, a lavender sachet. It was the favorite, I think. I hope you enjoyed the pictures...

Have a wonderful weekend!


call me crazy said...

Happy May Day to you too!! ;-)

Briarside Lane said...

heeeey crazy! I have a lot of catching up to do... you could slow down a bit, you know! ;-D