Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blue Monday...

The Left Bank restaurant is located in the historic
Blue Rock Inn building in downtown Larkspur.

The Blue Rock Inn
(originally called Hotel Merwin)
was build in 1895.
During the railroad era,
Larkspur, CA was a popular weekend destination
where San Franciscans would
come to dance and picnic under the stars.

During Prohibition,
the Blue Rock Inn was one of many
speakeasies operating in Larkspur.

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~Muir Beach Overlook~

The grand sweep of the continent's edge---
from the top of Mount Tamalpais to this bluff
above the sea and out to the Farallon Islands---
is a seamless span of interdependent
plant and animal communities.

Habitats converge, species from one habitat
feed upon species from another.
Dry land gives way to ocean,
but the web of life is rich in complexity,
crossing harsh boundaries.

This area is wonderfully preserved.
Coyote brush and other vegetation provide
cover and food to bobcats, monarch butterflies,
and other mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects.
The tide pools at the water's edge
and the deep waters
teem with the marine plants and animals,
including migrating whales.

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Pie said...

Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

My Blue Monday.

SmilingSally said...

That's a good name for a place to eat, Karen! And, I love these shots of the Pacific.

Happy Blue Monday.

Auntie E said...

Beautiful photos. Love those old building.. time gone by on architecture.

The Paint Splash said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I love visiting California. We lived there for a short time when my husband was stationed at the Presidio in Monterey. Have a great week. Debbie

Jingle said...

blue sky and blue water,
they bother are lovely!

Joy said...

The Blue Rock Inn has a neat history and what a cool old historical building. Have a great week!

shopannies said...

very pretty pictures

Kathy said...

California has such lovely landscapes/seascapes! You captured them beautifully!
Love the history of the hotel!

Vernz said...

Wow, this so glorious a view.. breathtaking ... thanks for dropping by On This Side of Town

Riet said...

What beautiful pictures of a wonderful scenery.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Such beautiful scenery! Your images provided me with a mini vacation this morning.

You have a very nice blog, and I'm glad I don't have to choose a favorite of all the beautiful quilts you have posted!

Thanks for the visit and comment on my Blue Monday post. Hope you'll visit again. =)

Joahna Vern said...

Thanks for visiting my site. :) I appreciate it. :)

And I must say you have a very nice blog you have here. Very amazing photos, too. :)

By the way , i added you to my blog roll. I hope you add me, too. Thanks..

I'll be visiting you more often. :) Blessings.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful, very scenic place.

Ivory Spring said...


Great blue post. I enjoyed the pictures.

It's funny you would ask if I ever sleep because I have been going to bed lately. My earliest is 2am... :)

Mylene said...

Lovely Blues :)

Eden said...

Great views.
You captured the pictures wonderfully.

Diann said...

Just beautiful! Would love to visit this place!

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. It's always fun to read your comments.

Happy painting! :)

jlshall said...

Lovely photos, and what amazing views! I'd love to see it "for real" some day. And I really love the sound of dancing and picnicking under the stars!

Happy Friday! from Joy @ Joysweb

xinex said...

Simply breathtaking!...Christine

Nanna said...

beautiful snapshots, thnaks for stopping by for a visit

Fe said...

wow, thats a lovely place... nice pictures by the way :)