Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue Monday ... Parlez-vous français ?

mmmm.... not yet!
But it didn't stop me from totally enjoying
this movie a few months ago!

Here is the English cover version in....

...for Blue Monday.
I have recommended this movie to sooooo many friends.
It is hilariously funny!
(English subtitles)


But then,
just last week,
Hollywood released this movie...

...and I KNEW I would most likely
save my $$$ and skip this one
simply because of the actors
previews on TV.
I read a review here
(and others online)
and laughed, as it was predictable. includes too many crude, lewd jokes, sexual excess,
body paint nudity, violence, and some foul language.
Needless to say, the crude jokes aren’t very funny either.
The movie’s basic concept is funny enough without this vile comedy.
Worse, the movie’s moral messages get lost within the lewdness.

There are Hollywood remakes of movies
I have really enjoyed
and many of which I prefer the original.

... that's a wrap!

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Have a great Monday!



SmilingSally said...

What a shame that Hollywood doesn't really have a moral code.

Happy Blue Monday!

Loui♥ said...

Hi Karen..
first, thanks for stopping by!
a pleasure meeting new folks with the same ideals.. I've become a follower of yours!
and I love Sally and her Blue mondays..
what fun!!
I concur with Sally, too bad that Hollywood doesn't really have a moral code..
I prefer/love books over movies any day..
my imagination transforms the written word into visuals without all the lewd and crude verbage and unnecessary graphic details..
anyway.. hope to see you again!
warm sandy hugs..

Jeanne said...

Hi Karen, this movie is a directors immoral delusion. The movie industry must think we enjoy immoral bad movies. Bring on the wonderful family movies that we would love to see. Thanks for the review. We already decided not to see that movie by the title alone.

Enjoy your day.
Hugs, Jeanne

Rebecca said...

More family movies is my vote too!

LV said...

I have not been to a movie in so long, I probably would not know how to act. They just do not make the kind I like. I am from the old days of westerns and good family movies.

Vernz said...

hi Karen,

Thank You for dropping by
On This Side of Town
I haven't watched this movie yet ... I have to see to review too...

Marice said...

thanks for the review ;)

Eden said...

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment to my Blue Monday post.

Thank you for the review.I haven't watched a movie in a long time.

Happy Blue Monday

Rajesh said...

I would love to watch these movies.