Thursday, October 6, 2011

"There and Back Again... Part 3"

Next stop... 
Tiburon Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum.
HERE is where you can read some history, and
 there are more pics there to see than the two I took...

This quilt and child's bed were most interesting to me inside...
well, except for the views out this second story residence.
But it was foggy and overcast.

Outside, it was still chilly, windy, and foggy.
This was only one of two pelicans I saw the entire trip.

A couple of starfish...

... and some little crabs scurrying over all the rocks below.

Then we stopped at the China Camp State Park.
These photos are much better than what I took that day.
From that site...
"A Chinese shrimp-fishing village thrived on this site in the 1880's.
Nearly 500 people, originally from Canton, China, lived in the village.
In its heyday, there were three general stores,
a marine supply store and a barber shop.
Fishermen by trade in their native country, they gravitated to the work they knew best.
Over 90% of the shrimp they netted were dried and shipped to China or
chinese communities throughout the US.
The museum at China Camp Village helps tell the story of these hardy shrimp fishermen."

My son tells me it's a great place for mountain biking and hiking.
Unfortunately, this is one of the CA State Parks on the closure list in 2012. 

●   ●   ●   ●   ●

We stopped for dinner HERE.

Mulberry Street house made pizza sauce, whole milk mozzarella,
our own andouille sausage, jalapenos,
three kinds of onions and our own blend of Cajun spices. 
DH, DDIL and I ordered menu items less spicy than DS.
We didn't dare try that pizza!

Leaving Marin, we traveled north around San Pablo Bay...
to visit DH's mom, sister and brother-in-law in Vallejo.

We stopped here on our way.

Sonoma Creek

The weather began to clear as we neared Vallejo.
There were many sites to visit to include...

'til next time.

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