Monday, January 30, 2012

reds, pinks, and blues...

OH, NO... Mr. "Pill."
(Pseudoephedrine - Diphenhydramine - Guaifenesin)

Uh-huh... I have had the (as one blogger so aptly called it!)
"more than a cold, less than the plague" crud. 
I am much better now but left with a cough.  This, too, shall pass.
Soon, I hope!

Most helpful was lots of tea and soup... when I wasn't sleeping.
mmmmm, my favorite ~ homemade potato soup...
Hubby and DD took good care of me.

Do you like my newest thrift store find?
McCoy Pottery Chocolate Brown Stripe Soup Bowl.
I found a set of four earlier this month before the "less than the plague."
There were $.99 each...
And THEN....

A "little because surprise" arrived (10 FQs) from a blogger friend at just the right time.
It really made my day, LV... thank you so much!  They are just perfect!
Look at those cute birdie fabrics!
Stop by and visit LV at Thoughts from Meme's Corner.
She is truly enjoying life and is quite an inspiration.
"In my 80's blogging to 100"  ~from her blog!

Thank you again, LaVoice...
~ from your "almost out of Texas friend."
• • • • • • • • • • •

Hope your Monday is going well.



LV said...

So happy to see you back in blog land and feeling better. Seems there is a lot of flu like symptoms going around. Now you can get back to doing the things you enjoy. Pleased you liked your surprise. Take care.

Cheryl said...

The miracle drugs for a cold!...feel better soon. The bird fabrics are so perfect for you.