Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quilt Show... Part 3

~A Century of Enchantment~
Designed by Kimberly Einmo
"This quilt was designed especially for Las Colcheras Quilt Guild's Show theme
and the 100th Anniversary of Statehood.
Kimberly traveled from her home in Florida to teach a class
in making this quilt, to teach two other classes, and to lecture."

AND her blog...

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~Stars Over New Mexico~
Made by Barbara M.
Quilted by Marlene W.
"Stars are extremely plentiful in the southwest,
and for hundreds and hundreds of years have shown brightly
in the New Mexico night sky.
Using colorful George Mendoza fabrics (a Las Cruces, NM artist),
my quilt depicts not only the stars but also the enchanting colors
of New Mexico.
Credit is given to Terry Atkinson of Atkinson Designs
and her pattern Lucky Stars."

~Picnic on the Prairie --- Now and Then"
Third Place winner
Made and Quilted by Vicki C.

~100% Cotton~
Made and Quilted by Jolene F.
"I took a photo of a cotton field and just had to turn it into fabric.
Cotton is one of the diverse agriculture products produced in
New Mexico.  That diversity, from peanuts, chiles, pecans,
milk, cattle, sheep, wool to cotton, is one of the
enchanting things about our 100 year old state."

~New Mexico Skies~
Made and Quilted by Donna S.
"New Mexico is the 'Land of Enchantment' but
her history is made in the skies.
The Ancients first marked the winter and summer solstices
with the sun dagger at Fajada Butte at Chaco Canyon.
Later the Spaniards brought Catholicism and
Our Lady of Guadalupe to New Mexico.
And finally the last 100 years we have Trinity site,
the Roswell incident, the Very Large Array,
hot air balloon fest, and Spaceport.  What's next?"

Made and Quilted by Cindy S.
"Fell in love with this pattern since growing up in Maryland,
as the crocus was always the first sign of spring.
Pattern design by Eileen Bahring Sullivan.
Foundation paper-pieced."

~Jupiter Rising~
Honorable Mention
Made by Donna S.
Quilted by Cindi U.
"This art quilt evolved from a class with Andi Perejda.
When I look at the circle of illusion, I think of the planet Jupiter.
The stars and blue background help anchor the planet in the sky."

(No, DD did not touch the quilt... just for perspective
and to show all those tiny pieces of fabric.)

~Fractured Flowers"
Made and Quilted by Libby P.
"This quilt was inspired by the book Fabulous Fractures by Brenda Esstinger.
It is made from nine 4.5 inch identical squares which were sliced into
strips, sewn together, sliced in the opposite direction and sewn together again.
The result is this "fracture."

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...still more for another day.


Karen said...

"Picnic on the Prairie" is very interesting. An art quilt and well done.

Denise said...

Nice pics of the quilt show entries...nice memories of a day spent with a dear friend and her sweet daughter. xoxo :D