Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Acres of poppies...

The local news reported a couple of weeks ago
that the poppies were blooming
on the northeastern slopes of the mountains where I live.

It was beautiful and sunny on MY western side of the mountain
but from a distance things didn't look so sunny.
We also had to travel through the mountain pass 
to get to the northeast.

I could have sworn I saw a snowflake or two!
It was verrrrry cold, and we got out of the truck
for about two minutes only to see
that the poppies weren't fully open.
They were a bit chilled, too, I think.

●   ●   ●   ●   ●   ●   ●

A week or so later... a totally different picture.

Not a cloud in the sky today and temps in the upper 70s.
As for the poppies?  I hope you enjoy the photos!
(They are still not all in full bloom.)

See?  No clouds.

●   ●   ●   ●   ●

The poppies bloom each spring only when we have some
good winter rains and some snow.
They did not bloom last year due to the historic freeze 
in our area and very little winter precipitation.
The poppies bloom only on the eastern slope.

Castner Range is an 11-square mile (7000 acres) 
former artillery range on the eastern slope 
of the Franklin Mountains.
Due to unexploded munitions, one must stay 
on the designated paths throughout this area.
●   ●   ●   ●   ●   ●   ●   ●   ●   ●
'til next time.
Enjoy your day!


Kelli said...

Gorgeous photos!! Hooray Spring! :o)

Cheryl said...

The poppies are blooming here too. I haven't had the time though to go out and spend some time with them, so thank you for your wonderful photos.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I love the wildflowers when they bloom...your poppies are so bright!! Beautiful!

Connie said...

How beautiful! Castner Range sounds like a scary place to walk!

Michelle May said...

So beautiful!