Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring... pollen is in the air

And with 50 mph gusts,  I stayed indoors today!
'Tis the season here in the desert.
It only lasts for a month or so... in theory.

 I thought I would do a little baking.... 

Instead of making an 8- or 9-inch round or square,
I thought I would make little "brownie bites" in a mini muffin tin.
As I am filling up the tin, it dawns on me how easy
it will be to just pop these in your mouth.
No cutting, no fork, no plate... uh-oh!
The smell of chocolate is wafting through the house....

Here is my March BOM in the fall fabrics.

And we used the "No Waste Flying Geese Shortcut."
HERE is the Jacob's Ladder 4 Patch Quilt Block.

Participating in this BOM with Sandie is introducing me to 
all sorts of new blocks, some challenges, and new techniques.
She is a great inspiration, wonderful teacher and enabler, er.. uh, friend!  ;-)

I was looking her blog just the other day and read THIS post.
Well, Winston "alerted" that the mail carrier was at the door that morning.
No need for a door bell with him around!
He lets us know when UPS, FEDEX, OR any diesel engined vehicle
is within a quarter mile of the house....
and when his neighborhood friends are out for walkies.

He takes his place at the front door (whether opened or closed)
with his "friends" just waiting.

And look what the mail carrier brought!
The beets and asparagus is printed on a product sheet
that sticks to the towel (in this case) to allow for stitching.
After stitching, rinse away with water!  How cool is that???

The floss has a booklet containing these patterns.

Thanks, Sandie!

The brownies???  I think I will make those "pop in your mouth" ones
when I have company or when I can take them somewhere.
Just too, too easy to pick one up when walking through the kitchen!

I decided to have salad for lunch.  ;-)
Mixed greens with gala apple, mandarin oranges,
carrot, red onion and grilled lemon basil chicken from dinner last night.

My favorite dressing lately!

Can you guess I had two, three, just too many brownies?

Have a great weekend,


Karen said...

Well, at least you had salad before those chocolate bites!

Denise said...

You sure have been a busy lil' beaver on this yucky, windy day in the southwest. Brownies look yum-mee!
Love your March BOM. Can't wait to make mine, too.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Brownies sure sound good~ but that salad has my mouth watering! :-) Yum! Love your March block. I'm so happy I surprised you with the towels etc. :-) Have a happy weekend!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Your BOMs are stunning...and it looks like some fun embroidery is coming soon!