Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dresden meets Nippon...

When anyone visiting my home asks about
a particular furniture piece or set of dishes or glassware, 
I oftentimes say,
"It is a family treasure or heirloom... just not MY family."
However, not in this case.

Twenty plus years ago,
I was given the choice between a few tea sets
that belonged to a first cousin of my MIL Carolyn.
Bernice had passed away and her things
were being given to family members
by Edna, another first cousin.

Knowing the tea set would eventually
be given to my daughter,
I let her choose the one she liked.
And yes, at three years old,
she chose this one.

Edna put this note in the teapot for me...
That is all I know about this tea set.
●      ●      ●      ●      ●
The "plates" on the table are the Dresden Plate blocks
I have been working on since Tuesday's post.
Applique is slow... well, for me, anyway.
And I am using silk thread...
It's like sewing with a spiderweb.
(I prefer the look of hand applique vs. machine.)
There will be nine blocks in all
that measure about 14-inches to which
I will add sashing and then borders.
 I think these fabrics complement the tea set nicely.
This quilt will go in our living room
where the tea set sits on the shelf of
 an oak Victorian Buffet.

●     ●     ●     ●     ●

Edna, who gave me the set,
did not know if there ever was a top for the sugar.
I think there must have been one
as the teapot lid fits.
But appearance-wise, the tea pot lid looks 
too tall on the sugar.
It also has a tiny air / steam vent.

We shall never know...

This is the only mark on the set.

●   ●   ●   ●   ●   ●   ●

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Julie Fukuda said...

I have a tea set of that same era that belonged to my great aunt.Mine is Noritake but I have never seen one remotely like it so it must have been made for export only. Your dresden blocks are coming along nicely... Very sophisticated.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Very nice! Love the Dresden's too.

Barb said...

Those dishes are just awesome, thanks for sharing them.

Michelle May said...

Such a beautiful set and yes your dresdens are a perfect compliment.

Cheryl said...

Perfection! The tea set and the plates look wonderful together. Your daughter had good taste, even at a young age!

Marigene said...

The Dresden plates are beautiful...hope you will share the quilt once it is completed.

Aledia said...

Thank You for your sweet comment on my tea set and for being my newest follower!

I'm your 100th follower :) Congrats!!

What a pretty tea set you have as well and I think it's so great that it is being passed down through the family.
The Dresden plates are beautiful!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Aledia @ Plum Perfect

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Karen! Your daughter had a good eye at such a tender age, and how sweet of you to allow her to choose. That's the hallmark of a caring parent. Very pretty setting, and I am just thrilled anytime I see someone tackling any project that has to do with needle and thread. I am sewing challenged, so I commend you! It's looking beautiful!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog (Table Twenty-One) last week. I apologize for just now visiting you. My husband and I were traveling Thursday - Sunday. Have a wonderful week!!!