Thursday, August 2, 2012

Anchor Hocking EAPC...

This Snack Set by Anchor Hocking found its way
home with me a few weeks ago.
And I only bought one set!  Three were available!
My "conscience" was with me that day (DD)
or I would have gotten all three.

The whole set was $5 in its lovely box.

Early American Prescut (EAPC) was made by
Anchor Hocking from 1960 through 1999,
although most pieces were discontinued by 1978.
The EAPC pattern is also known as 
"Star of David," the 700 line.
Anchor Hocking EAPC Snack Set

Anchor Hocking EAPC Snack Set
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Whenever I purchase glassware,
I research to find out all I can about the piece(s).

This post will "be continued" another time as I have
some more pieces that are quite similar.

So... off to Barnes and Noble for a book.
Thanks for stopping by today.


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Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Very sweet! And now you've gone and made me hungry too! LOL

Catherine said...

Good for you! I collect glass including Prescut. Isn`t it wonderful to find a boxed set?

Julie Fukuda said...

I would probably bought all three sets because I live with the chip-and-break champion of the world and that is the only way I ever have anything that matches.

Linda said...

I remember my sister and I buying my mother a set like this for Mother's Day sometime in the early to mid 60's. My mom hosted a lot of baby showers and used these for serving. She probably still has them!