Wednesday, October 24, 2012 "unfilled" vacancy

When the Harry Potter phenomenon began 
a few years ago, it took me a bit longer to finally commit to
reading the books.
I ultimately did and went to see the movies.
To date, I have read the books a few times and
have seen the movies more times than I care to admit.
These belong to DD...
when talk of a "new" J.K. Rowling book was in the works,
we (DD and I) were anxious to read it.
It was promoted as an adult book with adult themes...
Well, unfortunately, not one that my DD (26yo)
can or would recommend.
She started reading it before me...
read about 70 pages...
and said...
"Where's the receipt for this book?"
It was returned for a refund.

And here are DDs thoughts...

"The Casual Vacancy" begins with the sudden death of Pagford town council member Barry Fairweather. What follows are no less than 50 pages of reactions to his death from a myriad of characters... so many that it was hard to keep track of them all, let alone maintain interest in any of them. Most of these characters were unlikeable from the start, and then came the jarring fits of coarse language and sex scenes which accomplished nothing in moving the (boring) story along. 

It brought to mind one of the mantras of some NaNoWriMo
 (National Novel Writing Month, the goal of which is to write 
a 50,000 word novella in November) participants: 
If you can't think of a plot, write porn! 
(Maybe that's why I've never won.)

Why J.K.--who brought us the imaginative world of Harry Potter, with its Tri-Wizard Tournament, quidditch, and one of the most frightening adversaries of modern fiction--felt it necessary to tell this story with such foul language and descriptive sexual encounters (among teenagers, even) in order to make this book "adult" I just do not understand. 

Harry Potter is beloved by children and adults alike, because its themes of sacrificial love, friendship, courage, perseverance, and to paraphrase Dumbledore "choosing to do what is right, rather than what is easy," resonate with people regardless of age. 

I had high hopes for "The Casual Vacancy;" perhaps that is why I was so disappointed with it. I expected to find the wit, humor, and depth that J.K. has certainly proven herself capable of; 
but sadly, this book possesses none of the magic that made 
Harry Potter so special. This is one vacancy that will, 
for the time being, remain empty.

Well, then... on a lighter note,
and if your still with me...
the Wicked Blog Hop continues.

Get yourself a cuppa tea and,
here, have a cookie... these are "wicked good."

Many thanks to Wendy ~ why-knot-kwilt
for being our hostess, and to 
our cheerleader-in-residence,

Witchy Wednesday,

October 24th

Have a great Wednesday,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Day ~ Wicked Blog Hop... Day 1 of 8

Welcome to the Wicked Blog Hop...

Many thanks to Wendy ~ why-knot-kwilt
for being our hostess, and to 
our cheerleader-in-residence,
Monday, October 22nd

Fletcher and Rodney
thought someone left them some treats... 
~Wicked Blog Hop ~

The treats certainly looked tasty but...
little did they know they were
being watched!
~Fletcher and Rodney~

I am glad I only made one block
with the "eye" fabric in the center.
It didn't turn out quite as I hoped but
I do like the "spider-web" block
so I may make some more of those.
I think fall or Christmas fabrics
would be pretty.

Just too many eyes, I think!
I may have to applique some spiders over them.

Thanks for stopping by...
The hop continues through October 31st.

Happy Hopping...

Comment moderation in "on" so
you won't see your comment right away...
Sorry...  :-( 
I've been getting some "odd" comments of late.

Here is the schedule for tomorrow...
Tuesday, October 23rd

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Déjà vu...

Déjà vu, literally "already seen," 
is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation 
that an event or experience 
currently being experienced 
has been experienced in the past.

So, let's explore this a bit more...

Here is a favorite album I still have  
from my high school years although
I don't have a turntable anymore...
(Some things are just hard to part with.)
Mmm... no, that's not it.

Wasn't this thriller of a movie either...
Do you remember this one?

Actually... it wasn't Déjà vu after all
 'cause I was actually there both times.

So... where was I and what was I doing?
Albuquerque, NM for a week the first time and 
back again just this past weekend.

We helped our DS/DDIL move from 
one apartment to another... o m g !
The first one they moved into blindly
coming from the Bay area was 
"less than stellar."
They are in a much nicer apartment now...
I can sleep better! (and so will they)
It's a mom thing, you know?

was going on both times while we were there
 but we missed all the festivities. 
We did see some balloons, though,
from our hotel this second time around.
(I believe there were 600 balloons total this year.)

  The event this year expected
to draw nearly 800,000 visitors.

On Sunday morning, the drawing was held 
Raffle Quilt, "Fanciful Flight."
~Saw it on the television... :-(
They said the appliques were of balloons
in the festival.
●     ●     ●     ●     ●
I supervised during the second move
due to having another
ultrasound guided fine-needle
aspiration biopsy of my thyroid earlier in the week.
Preliminary pathology - negative.  :-)
●   ●   ●   ●   ●

Thank you all for the wonderful comments
about my Log Cabin blocks for the blog hop...

I am so sorry I did not get to visit each participant
during the hop or to thank you personally 
via email for visiting my blog post...
but I do appreciate your encouragement
and kind words.  Thank you so much!
They are still "blocks" as I just haven't
had any time to sew!  And,
I am trying to get caught up before
we leave again!  More on that later...

Madame Samm has a 
Pinterest Page of all entries
in the Leafs Me Happy hop.
●   ●   ●   ●   ●
There is another blog hop coming up.
The hostess for this hop is
My day is Monday, October 22nd.

HERE is a complete schedule 
of participants.
This hop should be quite interesting... er, uh, wicked.

So, hopefully I'll catch up with 
what you've been up to soon...
Guess it would help if I stayed home more.

Am I the only one who thinks 
this year has flown by???


Monday, October 8, 2012

Leafs Me Happy... my day today

Good morning ... or afternoon... or evening,
where ever you may be!

Here is my block for 
"Leafs Me Happy."
I chose to make the Log Cabin block... 
which is a favorite of mine.
I used Kansas Troubles fabrics for their warmth
and paired it with Moda muslin.

Log Cabin is such a versatile block.
Here are just a few of the layouts using my 16 blocks.

~ Barn Raising ~

~ Fields and Furrows ~

~ Positive / Negative ~

~ Whirligig ~

So now... I must decide which layout I like!

Do you have a favorite layout
for the Log Cabin block?

I am sharing my day 
with the following bloggers...

Monday - October 8th

Have a great sew day!
'til next time,